Essays: characteristics, functions, structure, types


An essay is a type of text on a specific topic that is approached from a subjective point of view, without the rigor or support of a treatise, academic or scientific work. Written in prose.

An essay is a type of text on a specific topic that is approached from a subjective point of view, without the rigor or support of a treatise, academic or scientific work. It is written in a simple style: its function is to express an opinion, raise awareness, or explore a topic in which it is concerned. 

Essay as a genre originated in the 16th century, and its name comes from Michel de Monte's Essay (1597) by Seneca, Plutarch or Marcus Aurelia .    


While essays can be long, they are usually short. Some authors compare it to another genre. A story that could be read while sitting or sitting.  

Simple language

The language is usually fun and simple, even when it comes to specialized or scientific subjects. Try to reach a wide audience. 


This is a reasoned-analytical text that expresses the author's opinion not always through linear development (type of hypothesis, development, discussion and conclusions).

The author's style is almost as important as the content, almost always deviating from the personal vision.

Free theme:

The topic is usually loose, an individual approach indicates more details than general ones. The essay tries not to exhaust the topic, but to touch upon or use it aside. 

The abstract can be interdisciplinary. For example, starting from a scientific topic to a humanistic topic. Usually it is not accompanied by bibliography or supporting sources;  

The role of essays

The function of an essay is to provide a subjective opinion on literary, scientific, or global issues, which are usually intended to inform or influence a non-specialized audience.

As already mentioned, he does not absorb the topic under discussion, he only tries to discuss aspects of the problem or present them from a different point of view or vision.

It should be noted that the composition does not have a rigid structure, its form depends on the style of each author, personal prose. However, you can divide the composition into four elements. 


This is important because it often indicates that the author intends to cover a particular topic.


In the introduction, the author explains what the essay is about without going into details, but noting the importance of the topic or the reasons that prompted him to write it.

Text or body editing

While working on an essay, the author delves deeply into the main topic, revealing his ideas, facts, events, or whatever he considers appropriate to defend his opinion. This is the longest part of the essay. It often happens that editing the text is a burden for the author for one reason or another. Therefore, do not hesitate to help freeessaywriters . 


Typically, in an essay, the author presents a conclusion in which he summarizes the main idea, suggests new related topics to consider, or backs up his arguments.

Test types:

The most common types of testing:

• Confessional or autobiographical overview       

  • This is an essay that revolves around the author, facts or personal reflections, these are ethical or sentimental approaches to various aspects of life. Thus, authors such as Michel de Montagne Blaise Pascal, François de la Rochefoucauld or Émile Sioran stand out . 

• Philosophical overview       

  • It revolves around philosophical ideas without rigorous academic treatises or monographs. Thus, in Spanish, we can mention the famous voices of Jose Ortega Gasset, Miguel de Unamuno, Jose Vasconcelos , Maria Ambrano , Fernando Savater , Jose Enrique Rodo . 

• Literary review:       

  • He approaches literature from different angles and in Spanish it is one of the most difficult types of essays. Some of the authors of this type of essay are Azori , Alfonso Reyes , José Lesama Lima, Octavio Paz, Jorge Luis Borges, Arturo Uslar Pietri , Pedro Henriquez Ureza, followed by a long square. 

• Historical overview       

  • The purpose of this type of essay is to reimagine various points in history as a whole in order to explain contemporary situations. Popular examples of this type of test are The Caribbean Biography by Herman Archinegas , The Buried Mirror by Carlos Fuentes, or Travelers from India by Francisco Herrera Luc.       

• Political and sociological overview       

  • These are essays that look at society from a political point of view; it is also very difficult prose in Latin America and around the world. Authors such as Miguel de Unamuno, Octavio Paz, Mario Vargas Llosa , José Carlos Mar- tegi, José Pablo Feynman and others stand out in Spanish. 

• Scientific overview       

  • These are clues that approach the world of science from different angles. The last problems raised by the essayists concerned environmental issues, the ethical boundaries of scientific development. 
  • Classics of this kind is the Icarus " and "The Future of Science " Bertrand Russell as Cosmos by Carl Sagan or A Brief History" by Stephen Hawking .          

Write a meaningful essay

As mentioned above, an essay does not have a formal structure, such as a thesis or treatise, but it still needs to follow certain steps to achieve its mission. The essay should consist of an introduction or introduction, development, conclusion or conclusion, although these sections are not visible or indicated in the main body of the text. If you do not understand something about writing an essay, you can always write essays for money


at least in order to understand how to write it yourself in the future. 

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